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Call me Crazy, but according to the scientific literature more and more of us are getting divorced, or wanting to be single, or living alone, in sprawling megacities, connected to the internet and completely divorced from our natural environment, i.e., our birthplace in the biosphere, in addition to the latter being slowly but surely annihilated by greed, consumption and growth. It’s as if ecocide and disconnect and alienation were all related, and the inevitable cost of technological progress and life in a free society... And so here we are, a bunch of atomized, “modern” folk plugged into the internet (our de facto external brain), embedded in a runaway global civilisation determined to deplete its landbase and colonize other planets in order to survive. Maybe one day, in our epic efforts to constantly invent new crap and escape our impending doom, the entire edifice will come crumbling down (those who enjoyed the film ‘Gravity’ will get my drift) and we’ll get to start all over. Or maybe we, the people, in our insatiable quest for whatever, will actually achieve transcendence, and be born again as immortal extraterrestrials, blissful bionic machines, or components thereof, adrift in a billion light years of space-time (those who follow current breakthroughs in bio and nano technologies and A.I. will also get my drift). What then of our “humanity? Well, maybe there ain’t no such thing. Just change and evolution. Cosmic process. Perhaps the overall defining trait of human nature is that it doesn’t even exist, and we are no more than a stepping stone, one small increment endowed with an illusion of self, stardust in a stream of constant flux and metamorphosis, always becoming something new, yet nothing more than a link between all that came before (Australopithecus et al.,) and all that follows (The Singularity?). At least my friend Mark Harfield seems to agree. He’s read all the same books. NB: this song also works as a prequel to ‘Never Cry’ (track 9).


Deep and slow we traveled to the moon
Lazy were our summer afternoons
Sweet and fast we fell for one great thing
A love so cool it flowed from mountain springs
When it hurts, it hurts us way to soon
When it hurts, it hurts both me and you
Hey Hey Hey Whoa...
I took you out with a knife and fork and spoon
We tool our way to prophecy and doom
Re-entry was our first class seat to hell
Fallen angels sing a falling fairy tale
When it hurts, it hurts us way to soon
When it burns, it burns both me and you
Hey Hey Hey Whoa...

I got a bullet in my handshake
I got a butcher in my eyeball
I got a riddle in my rainbow
Who am I?
I got a whole lot of feeling
I feel a whole lot of loving
I’m gonna catch you with a promise and a smile
I got an Albert on my pillow
I got an Adolf under my bed
I’ve got a Montessori naked in my sheets
I got a whole lot of needing
I need a whole lot of leading
I’m gonna leave my mark on you and do my time
What the Man am I?
I am the void between two chunks of nothing
All the space inside a billion years
What’s a load of time to do with us, I swear?
I done a whole lot of thinking
I feel a whole lot of nothing
I might of tried my mark on you and hung a right
What the kid am I?
I had a whole lot of feeling
I had a whole lot of loving
And SO I hung you with a promise out to dry
I had a whole lot of needing
It took a whole lot of fading
And so I leave my mark on you and say goodbye
O eternal bite
What the Fuck am I?


from Modern Folk, released June 12, 2015
Words: David Rosane
Music: David Rosane, with Lucie Rouits & Stéphanie Le Boulluec, aka “the Voice”



all rights reserved


David Rosane Paris, France

Before becoming a full-time singer-songwriter, Dave had a career in Ecology and humanitarian work. He toiled in the Amazon for 10 years conducting research and teaching with Cornell University, including working as an outreach coordinator with the Ye’kuana tribe. He then moved to New York City as an environmental and social justice advocate in the years building up to the Occupy Movement. ... more

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